Extra features appear on Iveco’s MyIVECO app

Iveco owners and drivers now with more info at their fingertips

myiveco app

Iveco has announced its MyIVECO app has been updated and now brings even more info to Iveco Daily owners and drivers.

The app now brings a number of new features into play, including a red call button for 24/7 immediate assistance.

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Covering all the different vehicles in the Iveco range, including Daily van and cab-chassis, the app now also brings functions including:

  • Extensive product information such as pricing and specs
  • Iveco news and promotions
  • Connected services such as Find a Dealer and Book a Service

While the update also brings an attractive new look and easier to use design.

“MyIVECO is the ideal tool for IVECO vehicle owners and drivers.” – Federico Bullo, Vice President Iveco APAC

“Not only can they remain up-to-date on our latest news and promotions, they can also interact to find the dealer they need or manage their vehicle’s maintenance.

“Very importantly, it is a dynamic tool developed to evolve the changing requirements of our customers, and we will add new services over time.”

The MyIVECO app is available now in the app store.

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