Which Utes have AEB in Australia?

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Autonomous Emergency Braking is a potentially lifesaving technology.

We’re starting to see AEB on passenger cars at a steady rate and even a number of heavy trucks now boast the braking tech as standard.

But which utes available in Australia have AEB?

As of now (October 2018) the number is pretty small. In fact it’s just two – the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and Ford Ranger.

The tech is standard across the X-Class range, while for the Ford offering AEB is standard on Ranger Wildtrak, and optional on Ranger XLT dual-cab.

We thought we would start this page as a resource to help keep Aussie ute/pick-up buyers updated on the progress of AEB availability in utes.

Utes with AEB available in Australia (as of August 2018):

Why is it important that AEB comes to these vehicles? Because most Australian workplace deaths occur in vehicles, while AEB can also save pedestrian lives too.

As mentioned, we will continue to update this page as further details on AEB in utes/pick-ups comes to hand.

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