ALL-NEW LDV DELIVER 9 – Launched in Australia with multiple choices


LDV Deliver 9-1

Australia now benefits from the all-new Deliver 9, LDV’s new commercial contender aimed squarely at Australian businesses both big and small.

  • All-new model takes LDV into heavy commercial vehicle segment
  • Class-leading cost per cubic metre and cost per kg
  • LDV’s first vehicle with Capped Price Servicing

Increasing LDV’s product range, the all-new Deliver 9 sets fresh benchmarks in the 3.5-8.0-tonne commercial vehicle segment and delivers more for less for sole traders, SMEs, nationally-recognised transport companies and corporate fleets.

LDV Deliver 9-1

“With a laser-like focus on delivering exactly what Australian businesses need in 2020 – space, technology, safety and value-for-money – the all-new LDV Deliver 9 is truly fit for purpose,” says Dinesh Chinnappa, LDV General Manager.

“Despite headwinds, 2020 has seen continued growth for the LDV brand,” continues Chinnappa. “The all-new Deliver 9 is an important building block in our growth strategy, and we’re excited about the opportunity it brings. It is not just a price story. We’ve taken a single-minded approach to safety, connectivity and functionality – in any competitive face-off the all-new Deliver 9 more than holds its own.”

LDV Deliver 9-1

LDV Deliver 9 Models

Three core variants make up the initial range: the standard wheelbase MR (mid roof); the long wheelbase MR; and the long wheelbase HR (high roof). A cab chassis option, and 11 or 14-seat bus configurations (in mid and long wheelbase, plus mid and high roof guises) are also available.

Powering each variant is LDV’s trusted 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel producing 110kW and a useful 375Nm from just 1,500rpm. Available with stop/start engine technology, and 6sp manual or 6sp automatic transmissions, the rear-wheel drive Deliver 9 is quiet and easy to drive.

LDV Deliver 9-1

LDV Deliver 9 Safety

All Deliver 9s come with a plethora of safety and convenience features as standard. Autonomous Emergency Braking, Bosch’s latest generation Electronic Stability Control system, Lane Departure Warning, and the full gamut of airbags bring added confidence to everyday driving.

Meanwhile, Adaptive Cruise Control (on auto transmissions), reverse parking sensors, Apple CarPlay® and Bluetooth phone connectivity, a 1.2m wide side door, and 180° opening rear doors take the stress out of both loading and driving.

Further value for money can be found with the $1,500 Option Pack, which adds 236° rear opening doors, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, and keyless entry to the already extensive standard equipment list.

LDV Deliver 9-1

LDV Deliver 9 Space

But it’s space – specifically useable space – that helps set the all-new Deliver 9 apart from the competition.

We know the Deliver 9 delivers more for Australian businesses thanks to a couple of simple formulas: RRP / cubic capacity and RRP / payload.

Take the long wheelbase MR Deliver 9. In layman’s terms it can carry two Australian pallets. Delve deeper and its cubic capacity of 10.97mand payload of 1,670kg (for the manual).

LDV Deliver 9-1

Divide cubic capacity and payload by the $42,095 recommended retail price, and its $3,837 cost per mand $25.21 cost per kg mean it comprehensively outpoints its rivals.

The target audience of the all-new Deliver 9 is clear: sole traders, SMEs, nationally-recognised delivery companies and corporate fleets. It is expected that these business groups will make up over 90% of sales.

LDV Deliver 9-1

LDV Deliver 9 Business Benefits

To further support these key target audiences, the all-new Deliver 9 is the first LDV model to receive a comprehensive Capped Price Servicing Programme.

Business and fleet operators can buy with added confidence, knowing that for 3yrs or 95,000kms (whichever comes first) the all-new Deliver 9 will cost from just $1,895 – including GST – to service.

A 3yr/160,000km warranty and 82-strong national dealer network give further peace of mind.

“The all-new LDV Deliver 9 wins on three key product truths,” concludes Chinnappa. “It carries more for less, it’s loaded with technology and safety, and it’s the segment price leader.

“We know our value proposition is better than the opposition, and that we’re more than comparable across a range of key criteria – which is why the all-new Deliver 9 delivers more for Australian businesses.”

LDV Deliver 9-1

LDV Deliver 9 Pricing

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