Nissan Navara 2021 Update Review

Nissan updates its popular Navara Range for 2021

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Nissan updates their Navara range for 2021. Since the third generation of the Navara was launched in 2014, there have now been a number of upgrades and Nissan has now given it another facelift including additional safety features, new styling touches and some comfort features

MY21 Nissan Navara - Group Shots (2).JPG  The initial third generation Navara came with some new features including a five-link rear suspension with independent  rear coil springs, for the higher grade models.

This was one feature that needed some revision as, initially, it tended to make the rear of the car sag down when carrying a load.

MY21 Nissan Navara - Suspension (1).JPG

Nissan has seen a general move toward the more up market variants in utes. Not surprisingly then, they have dropped the two base models the DX and the RX but have retained the SL, the ST and the ST-X. The top-of-the-range fourth option in the line-up is no longer called the N-Trek but is now a PRO-4X.

2021 Nissan Navara Update 1 Pro 4x rear

Nissan Navara Update Exterior

The cosmetic changes to the outside of the car are:

  • New Bonnet
  • Interlocking front grille
  • New wheel design across the range
  • Quad LED Headlamps
  • New front bumper and facia
  • A new rear designed rear tailgate with the word “Nissan” boldly across the bad.
  • A new design for the tub.

The result is a more aggressive look with modern touches particularly the headlights. But while the result is a stronger look, it is not as brutish as say the Ford Ranger.

The latest top-of-the-line hero variant is the PRO-4X. The only extra feature for off-road performance is to have all-terrain tyres. But there is a fair amount of bling to the exterior including:

  • Fender flares
  • Roof Rails
  • Darkened exterior theme
  • Unique black stainless steel double tube sportsbar
  • Dark themed wheel design
  • Stealth Grey Premium paint option

2021 Nissan Navara Update 1 Pro 4x interior 1

Nissan Navara Update Interior

There is not a lot of changes in the interior. The cup holders that were set low down from the driver and passenger have been removed. Nissan say they have also increased the seat comfort for the second-row passengers by providing a more sculpture seating.

 Nissan Navara Update Features

It terms of features, Nissan is making the most noise about the Genuine Accessories that you can add to your vehicle including:

  • Off-Road Bull Bar
  • Front Sports Bar
  • Soft Tonneau Cover
  • Tubliner
  • Snorkel
  • Rear Ladder rack
  • All-weather Floor Mats
  • Towbar (Standard on the ST-X and Pro-4X – max braked towing capacity: Diesel = 3500 kg)

2021 Nissan Navara Update 1 Pro 4x engine

Nissan Navara Update Engine and Drivetrain

The drive train has not changed with this upgrade. The 2.3 litre diesel comes in two power tunes:

  • Single Turbo: 120 kW and 403 Nm (For the ST model only)
  • Twin Turbo: 140 kW and 450 Nm (Available for all variants)

There is a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic with manual mode, but not on every variant.

The King Cab model comes only with the 7-speed automatic.

2021 Nissan Navara Update 1 Pro 4x driving

Nissan Navara Launch Update Driving Experience

The launch day included driving several dual cab models: one with an unloaded vehicle; one with 350kg in the tub; and one towing a trailer with a load and a gross weight of about 1,000 kgs plus 100 kgs in the tub.

The vehicle was quite comfortable with the various loads and in fact while 350 kgs holds back the performance a bit, it makes for a slightly better overall stable ride.

The comfort was good but not quite class leading while the improvements to the rear passenger seats in the dual cab is a nice touch.

MY21 Nissan Navara - PRO-4X (16).JPG

Nissan Navara Update  Safety

In order to strive for a five-star crash test rating, it is not surprising that Nissan has added some safety features to the Navara.

All models now get:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Emergency Braking, and
  • Driver Alert

ST Grades and above get:

  • Blind Spot Warning and Intervention
  • Land Departure Warning and Intervention
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Reverse Parking Sensor
  • High Bean Assist
  • Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers


Nissan Navara Launch Edition Pricing

Single Cab

SL Chassis Cab 4X2 Manual $32,300
SL Chassis Cab 4X2 Automatic $34,800
SL Chassis Cab 4X4 Manual $39,300
SL Chassis Cab 4X4 Automatic $41,800

King Cab

SL Chassis Cab 4X2 Automatic $38,800
SL Chassis Cab 4X4 Automatic $45,800
SL Pickup 4X4 Automatic $47,600
ST-X Pickup 4X4 Automatic $58,270

Dual Cab

SL Pickup 4X2 Manual $39,600
SL Pickup 4X2 Automatic $42,100
ST Pickup 4X2 Automatic $47,780
ST-X Pickup 4X2 Automatic $51,270
SL Chassis Cab 4X4 Manual $44,800
SL Chassis Cab 4X4 Automatic $47,300
SL Pickup 4X4 Manual $46,600
SL Pickup 4X4 Automatic $49,100
ST Pickup 4X4 Manual $52,280
ST Pickup 4X4 Automatic $54,780
ST-X Pickup 4X4 Manual $55,770
ST-X Pickup 4X4 Automatic $58,270
PRO-4X Pickup 4X4 Manual $58,130
PRO-4X Pickup 4X4 Automatic $60,630

To all prices you must add statutory charges and other on-road costs.

2021 Nissan Navara Update 1 Pro 4x rear

Nissan Navara Update Fit for Purpose

The Navara remains a competent Ute with variants for work and/or family. This upgrade, irons out a few more things and provides some extra safety features that are comforting to know for the private and commercial buyers.

It does not have the most powerful engine options but the ones they use are adequate to comfortably travel within the limits of the road system.

Nissan Navara - Masr 202020210302_39

The Good:

  • Additional safety features
  • Good looks without going over the top
  • Maintains good off-road capability

Not so good:-

  • Adaptive cruise control is not available on any model;
  • Engine performance is adequate, max torque range is not large so may make towing at the upper load limits a bit more of a struggle
  • The Hero vehicle the PRO-4X is mainly extra bling rather than improved off-road ability.

Nissan Navara - Masr 202020210302_07

Nissan Navara Dual Cab model as tested

  • Model Price From $39,600 (manual 4×2); $46,600 (manual 4×4)
  • Engine: 2.3 Litre twin turbo Diesel
  • Drivetrain: 7 Speed Automatic
  • Power: 140kW @ 3750rpm
  • Torque: 450Nm @ 1,500-2,500rpm
  • CO2: 189 -213 kg/km
  • Economy: ADR 7.6 l/100km (auto 4×2); 7.9 l/100km (auto 4×4)
  • Servicing: Capped Price Service
  • Tow Rating: Trailer without brakes 750kg; Trailer with brakes 3,500 kg
  • Tow Ball Rating: 350 kg
  • Warranty:  5-year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty; 5 year 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

MY21 Nissan Navara - ST (19).JPG

 Overall Rating: 81/100

  • Behind the Wheel 8
  • Comfort 8
  • Equipment 7
  • Performance 7
  • Ride & Handling 8
  • Practicality 9
  • Fit for Purpose 9
  • Towing Ability 9
  • Off Road Ability 8
  • Value for Money 8

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  1. Those with a penchant for customising and enhancing their ride will be pleased to learn the range of original Nissan accessories has now been extended to include favourites such as a snorkel, winch-ready roo-bar, wheel-arch flares, underbody protection, towbar and LED light bars – all of which are covered by a five-year guarantee. Updates are less striking on the inside, where the cabin is very familiar save for a more car-like steering wheel that feels more sporty and ergonomic, along with part-leather upholstered seats. The latter better suits shorter-bodied occupants who want to sit high and appreciate a more commercial vehicle position.

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