Toyota LC79 Series work Ute updates

LandCruiser 70 Series work Ute updates

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute at Silverton Hotel

Toyota LC79 Series Ute launched December 1 2023 Update

Toyota LC79 Series work Utes launched. In the article below there is a lot of information, but in this update, we will go over the highlights ands well as pricing for the updated LC79 series Utes.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute at Silverton Hotel

There is a revised frontal lighting, bonnet and grill design. Very retro and practical.

On both engine versions Toyota has raised the frontal air flow a touch on the revised grill, to ensure the radiator didn’t need to be lowered. This helps to avoid staking on no road situations.

This is combined with the removal of the bonnet air scoop. There is a bulge on the bonnet now, I’m not a fan, but there is a larger intercooler.

The LC79 Series comes in two body styles the single cab chassis and dual cab chassis.

It comes with a choice of two engines that defines the transmission choices.

  • The traditional 1VD-FTV 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 engine and five-speed manual transmission.
  • The modified 1GD 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The benefits of the 1GD 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine in the LC70 series

  • Same power and 70Nm more torque
  • Six Speed Automatic transmission with torque converter
  • More functionality, with DAC, 2nd gear start, PWR haul functionality.
  • The internal layout means that there is a slot for a phone and an extra cup/bottle holder with the AT
  • Better economy and lower emissions
  • Lighter body weight and more payload
  • Around $4,000 cheaper in every model variant.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute towing a van

Toyota LC79 Series Final thoughts

There is a lot of information below, so I thought it best to put my final thoughts up front.

The LC79 Series Utes are legendary for a reason, they are bloody awesome.

They are expensive, very expensive, but unless you go to a small 4WD truck there isn’t anything that truly compares.

I have always loved the 4.5L V8 in the 79 series. And always wanted an AT for it. It sounds angry and that’s a good thing.

Buyers now have a choice between the traditional V8 and the cheaper, modified 4 Cylinder with an Automatic transmission and a bunch of extra functionalities that comes with that.

It’s a no brainer really, the 4 Cylinder is better in almost 99% of applications.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Toyota LC70 Series Launch Video review

2024 Toyota LC79 Series Broken Hill 2

LC79 Series Driving impressions

Let me start out by saying that I have always been a massive fan of the V8 LC70 series vehicles. I have friends on farms that have several of them, some with over 500,000kms on them. They are robust, reliable, and just keep going.

The low torque delivery made the V8 useable for many applications.

But the one thing I always questioned was why we got the lower tune V8 and why no Auto transmission.

Well, we are halfway there now. The LC70 series comes with the six-speed automatic transmission from the HiLux and Prado. It’s been beefed up a tad though.

Surely an Auto box on a 4-cylinder engine won’t make much difference.

I could have not been more wrong.

I drove both back-to-back over many scenarios. Towing a 3T plus off-road van, climbing over rocky, hilly trails, on the open road and station tracks. And over moguls that are designed to test the torque delivery and articulation.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Double Cab ChassisWhat is the auto like?

Most of the real benefits that come with the upgraded model come because of the 6Sp AT.

So, let’s break it down: In the different scenarios what was the new 4 Cylinder and 6 Sp AT like

Towing – the AT torque converter meant that starting off and changing through the gears was smoother than the V8. It was also subjectively faster off the mark and through the gears as well. We had 3T on the back and it didn’t fuss at all.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GX Single Cab Chassis

Also, it has the PWR Haul functionality that keeps the transmission in lower gear for longer, allowing more controlled acceleration with a big load on the back.

Open Road

On the open road: Here there was little difference as once you are underway the older V8 allows you to go pretty much anywhere in top gear. However, the AT was smoother and easier to drive. It also was quieter. We didn’t get a chance to test the fuel economy, but subjectively it should be better. Toyota says its 10% better.

Remember we are pushing a 2.2T brick through the wind.

2024 Toyota LC70 Series NML_2914

Climbing slippery, rocky trails: no comparison here. The 6Sp AT was simply better. With 2nd gear start if its really slippery, and the torque converter allowing linear delivery of power, the auto was streets ahead of the old manual V8.

Steep downhill descents:  here the DAC on the auto transmission was excellent. It went about its business without fuss. There was a reasonably steep slope on a rock wall and the AT simply crawled down.

2024 Toyota LC70 GXL Wagon 5

I have to say that the old V8 in low range and first gear would have done just as good a job, if not marginally better.

Going down slippery loose rock trails the auto cruiser again performed better than the older V8 Manual.

Moguls: here the auto transmission allowed a smoother torque delivery and when combined with the traction control, ensured easy driving when the wheels were hung up.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute 4 cylinder engine 2

What is the 1GD-FTV 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine like?

I was skeptical of this engine in a 70 series. I was wrong.

Same power and more torque. At around 1200rpm the 4 Cylinder matches the V8 peak torque, and it has another 70Nm in reserve.

Less fuel use and smoother delivery.

The only thing is that where the V8 growls like its angry, the 4 Cylinder has a more muted cranky sound.

2024 Toyota LC70 Series NML_2885

So overall driving impressions?

Most of the improvements to the upgraded model come because of the introduction of the 6Sp automatic transmission.

It completely transforms the LC70 series vehicles.

It is more user friendly, easier to drive both on and off road. Its better towing as well.

We just happen to get the AT with the improved 4 Cylinder engine.

The reality, as mentioned elsewhere in this article, is that without the shift to the 4 Cylinder engine with the 6 Sp AT in a few years we wouldn’t have the LC70 series at all.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute at Mundi Mundi lookout 3

Some general thoughts on LC70 Series wait times.

  • Orders for the LC70 series vehicles are still on pause.
  • Toyota sells about 12,000 of these a year.
  • There is an allocation of 4,000 4-cylinder vehicles coming in the next 12 months.
  • These will be offered to existing customer orders first.
  • Buyers can choose if they want to take the new motor option or wait for their V8 engine model.
  • Only after every existing customer order is offered the new 4 Cylinder model and if there are any not taken, will they become available to the general public.
  • Toyota doesn’t expect that to happen. They expect all will be taken by existing orders.
  • There is still a wait of 12 month plus for the V8 models from order. This will come down as some buyers will take the 4 Cylinder model instead.
  • Toyota are expecting that in the next 12 months the mix will be 50/50 between the two engines.
  • There was no word as to when the orders will be opened again, other than saying only when they can supply vehicles to customers in a timely fashion.
  • Even though Toyota executives went to great lengths to stress that the V8 engine is still available, I’m betting it is well and truly on its last legs.
  • The plain truth is that having the 4 Cylinder engine will allow the 70 series vehicles to continue to exist.
  • That is a good thing. We need vehicles with personality like the 70 series in this increasingly homogenised, EV world.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GX Single Cab Chassis

Some general thoughts on the LC79 Series Utes

  • First up, I LOVE them. I’ve driven them on farms for years and they are awesome.
  • They are almost indestructible work Utes.
  • I have mates that have some on farms that have 400k, 500k 600k plus on them and still never missing a beat.
  • They are still bloody expensive, but the 4 Cylinder is cheaper than the V8.
  • I’m still trying to wrap my head around paying almost $77,000 for a work Ute that has wind up windows, no digital clock, no USBC ports or 12V outlet.
  • I would have to flip the window winder as when the windows are all the way up the winder knob sticks right into my knee.
  • There is no reverse camera, that is a big issue. 
  • At least the filler neck for fuel has a decent angle on it (on Toyota fitted trays) to allow ease of filling.
  • I love the front quarter widows in the workmate
  • On top of that they have those ridiculous hand adjusted external rear view mirrors that are just a pain in urban areas. Almost every time I’m in a car park they are bumped.
  • I know they say that the tray width is the reason for them, but really?
  • The new central touch screen with smart phone connectivity is an improvement over what it replaced. But Toyota could do better easily.
  • The internal lighting is pathetic and looks like it comes from the same spare parts bin that my 1986 HJ60 Sahara had.
  • I prefer the vinyl style seats in the GX to the fabric seats in the GXL. If I bought one I would replace the fabric ones immediately.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

LC70 Series 4WD System

As before, the LandCruiser 70 Series range is equipped with a part-time 4×4 system with low-range gearing, durable live axles, and front coil suspension.

All GXL grades add front and rear locking differentials for ultimate off-road traction, which are optionally available on the GX Single-Cab Chassis and WorkMate Double-Cab Chassis.

Four-cylinder versions gain downhill assist control for steady, controlled off-road descents, automatically modulating the brakes to safely navigate steep declines.

Other features that come with the Automatic transmission are 2nd gear start for slippery conditions, and PWR Haul functionality.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute 4 cylinder engine

More engine details for the LC70 Series.

The new 2.8-litre four-cylinder powertrain has been proven over the years in a range of Toyota 4×4 models and produces 150kW at 3400rpm and 500Nm from 1600-2800rpm, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Multiple mechanical changes have been made to the engine specifically for the 70 Series to ensure optimal cooling and performance in tough conditions and under heavy towing loads, with all models of the 70 Series’ maintaining a strong 3500kg braked towing capacity.

The 4 Cylinder choice helps reduce weight, improve payload, and reduce fuel consumption compared to the V8. Toyota mentioned that the 4 Cylinder engine is about 65 kg lighter over the front axles, which is both good and bad. More details in the driving impressions.

Fuel consumption is rated at 9.6 litres per 100km based on Toyota Motor Corporation figures achieved on a similar test to the Australian ADR81/02 combined cycle test.1

The 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 produces 151kW at 3400rpm and 430Nm from 1200-3200rpm and, paired with a five-speed manual, will continue to be offered on all 70 Series variants except for the 76 Series WorkMate.

Let’s chat quickly about torque. The V8 has always been know for impressive useable low-down torque. That remains the same. Maximum torque comes in around 1200rpm for the V8 with a flat torque curve.

However, the 4-cylinder engine has a more impressive torque curve. And the key is that at 1200rpm the 4 Cylinder engine has the same torque, 430Nm as the V8. It then goes on to a higher 500Nm of available torque in an equally flat delivery.

Below about 1000 rpm the V8 does have more torque, but the Automatic transmission torque converter accounts for that easily.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute 4 cylinder engine 2

Even more details on the 1GD-FTV 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine.

For the first time since the current-generation LandCruiser 70 Series was introduced in 2007, customers will be offered the choice of two powertrains with the introduction of the 1GD-FTV 2.8-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine.

Offering increased torque with around 10 per cent reduced fuel consumption compared to the V8, the four-cylinder engine is mated exclusively to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Already tried and tested in a bevy of Toyota 4×4 models, the venerable 1GD engine features several small modifications to ensure its long-term durability and capability operating in often harsh conditions for extended periods.

Despite its smaller capacity and fewer cylinders compared to the V8, the 2.8-litre turbodiesel offers strong outputs of 150kW at 3400rpm, with a considerable 500Nm available from 1600rpm through to 2800rpm.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 series Ute 4 cylinder engine oil modifications

Changes to make it even more robust.

The most significant change has been to the oil pan which has been redesigned and is now made from pressed steel compared with the cast aluminium used in other models.

The shape and construction of the oil strainer and oil level sensor have also been updated to optimise performance, while the oil filter is oriented more horizontally to reduce potential damage in off-road environments.

To ensure optimal engine cooling under heavy-duty use such as towing and low-range off-roading, a larger-diameter cooling fan has been fitted. The new fan increases the load on the V-ribbed belt, so engineers have adopted an isolation crank pulley to help control speed fluctuations and improve durability.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Double Cab Chassis

LC70 Series Automatic Transmission

This engine is offered exclusively with a six-speed torque-converter automatic transmission, offering simple and reliable operability in all conditions while being well suited for fleet applications where drivers may not be familiar or comfortable operating a manual transmission.

The AC60 transmission has also been tried and tested in other heavy-duty Toyota vehicles over a long period of time and has likewise been bolstered with enhancements to improve cooling performance.

The transmission oil capacity has been increased with the fitment of a deeper oil pan, allowing more stable distribution of oil pressure when driving on uneven slopes by optimising the oil strainer intake position and adding a transmission breather system oil catch tank.

Driving performance through bodies of water has been improved by adjusting the tip of the breather hose to 900mm above ground level, while a guard has been installed to protect the lower surface of the oil pan in harsh off-road conditions.

Along with the ease provided by two-pedal driving, the six-speed automatic transmission provides further benefit with a Power / Haul drive mode to optimise performance when towing or increased power is demanded.

A second start switch makes it easier to get out of sticky situations when off-roading, bypassing the first gear and starting in second, to provide powerful start-off acceleration in slippery or low traction conditions.

Manual gear shifting is also available via the shift lever.

The addition of a sixth gear with a gear ratio of 0.58 ensures relaxed engine operation at freeway speeds, helping to reduce engine noise and improve fuel consumption.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

LC79 Series model walk



  • 150kW, 500Nm 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine / six-speed automatic transmission
  • 151kW, 430Nm 4.5-litre V8 turbo-diesel engine / five-speed manual gearbox
  • Dual-range 4WD system with auto-locking hubs
  • Front rigid live axle, leading arm, coil springs and stabiliser bar
  • Rear rigid live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs
  • Ventilated 322mm front and 312mm rear disc brakes.
  • 130-litre fuel tank
  • Hydraulic power steering

Exterior (new features in bold)

  • LED lights and daytime running lights
  • 16” steel wheels with 225/95R16 tyres
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Redesigned front face
  • Black and chrome front and rear bumpers
  • Aluminium side steps
  • Chrome door handles
  • Snorkel
  • Up to seven colours depending on body style with solid, pearl, metallic, and mica paint finishes2

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series WorkMate Single Cab Chassis


  • Textured vinyl seats (Single Cab Chassis – 2, Double Cab Chassis – 5)
  • Driver and front passenger seat slide adjustment
  • Four-spoke urethane steering wheel
  • Steering wheel controls for audio/phone/information/vehicle settings
  • Tilt and telescopic steering column adjustment
  • 4.2-inch multi-information display (MID)
  • Vinyl floor covering with all-weather floor mats.
  • Driver and passenger door bins with bottle holders
  • Front console box (auto only)
  • Driver and passenger map lights


  • Toyota Safety Sense
    • Pre-collision system with day and night pedestrian and daytime cyclist detection
    • Lane departure alert with steering assist (brakes)
    • Road-sign assist (speed signs only)
    • Auto high beam
  • ABS, vehicle stability and traction control
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Downhill assist control (auto only)

Comfort and convenience

  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • 1 x 12V accessory sockets,
  • 1 x USB-A input
  • Manual windows
  • Intermittent windscreen wipers

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Wagon

Infotainment / Multimedia

  • 6.7-inch touchscreen display
  • 2-speaker audio system
  • AM/FM/DAB+4 radio
  • Bluetooth®5 compatibility
  • Wired Android Auto™6 / Apple CarPlay®7 compatibility

GX (Single Cab Chassis only) – additional/changed features over Workmate.


  • 16-inch alloy wheels with 265/70R16 tyres
  • Front wide mudguards
  • Wheel arch flares


GXL – additional/changed features over Workmate.


  • Front and rear differential locks

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Double Cab Chassis


  • Chrome and painted front bumpers
  • 16-inch alloy wheels with 265/70R16 tyres
  • LED front foglights
  • Front wide mudguards
  • Wheel arch flares
  • Aluminium side steps

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Double Cab Chassis


  • Cloth seat and door trim
  • Rear bench seat (Dual Cab Only)
  • Power windows
  • Carpet flooring
  • Front seat back pockets
  • 4-speaker audio system

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GXL Double Cab Chassis

Comfort and convenience

  • Keyless entry and central locking
  • 2 x USB-C sockets

LandCruiser 70 Series pricing1

76 Series Wagon WorkMate $75,600
76 Series Wagon GXL $79,800 $83,900
78 Series Troop Carrier WorkMate $79,200 $83,300
78 Series Troop Carrier GXL $82,500 $86,600
79 Series single cab chassis WorkMate $76,800 $80,900
79 Series single cab chassis GX* $78,800 $82,900
79 Series single cab chassis GXL $80,900 $85,000
79 Series double cab chassis WorkMate* $79,300 $83,400
79 Series double cab chassis GXL $83,500 $87,600


Premium paint: $675

*Front and rear differential locks: $1500


1 Manufacturer’s list price provided for media purposes only. Statutory charges or other on-road costs not included.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series GX Single Cab Chassis

All the LC70 Series technical details



LC79 Series

Single Cab Chassis

LC79 Series

Double Cab Chassis

LC78 Series

Troop Carrier

LC76 Series


Overall length Workmate/GX: 5235mm

GXL: 5245mm

Workmate: 5235mm

GXL: 5245mm

Workmate: 5235mm

GXL: 5245mm

Workmate: 4865mm

GXL: 4910mm

Overall width Workmate: 1790mm

GX/GXL: 1870mm

Workmate: 1790mm

GXL: 1870mm

Workmate: 1800mm

GXL: 1800mm

Workmate: 1800mm

GXL: 1870mm

Overall height Workmate: 1970mm

GX/GXL: 1955mm

Workmate: 1960mm

GXL: 1945mm

Workmate: 2115mm

GXL: 2115mm

Workmate: 1955mm

GXL: 1940mm

Wheelbase 3180mm 3180mm 2980mm 2730mm
Front track Workmate: 1515mm

GX/GXL: 1555mm

Workmate: 1515mm GXL: 1555mm 1515mm Workmate: 1515mm

GXL: 1555mm

Rear track Workmate: 1420mm

GX/GXL: 1460mm

Workmate: 1420mm

GXL: 1460mm

1420mm Workmate: 1420mm GXL: 1460mm
Front overhang Workmate/GX: 850mm

GXL: 860mm

Workmate: 850mm

GXL: 860mm

Workmate: 850mm

GXL: 860mm

Workmate I4: 850mm

GXL I4/V8: 860mm

Rear overhang 1190mm 1190mm 1405mm


Workmate I4: 1285mm

GXL I4: 1320mm

GXL V8: 1285mm

Approach angle Workmate: 35 degrees

GX/GXL: 33 degrees

Workmate: 35 degrees

GXL: 33 degrees

Workmate: 35 degrees

GXL: 35 degrees

Workmate: 35 degrees

GXL: 33 degrees

Departure angle Workmate: 29 degrees

GX/GXL: 27 degrees

Workmate: 29 degrees

GXL: 27 degrees

Workmate: 25 degrees

GXL: 25 degrees

Workmate: 25 degrees

GXL: 23 degrees

Running ground clearance2 Workmate: 330mm

GX/GXL: 316mm

Workmate: 317mm

GXL: 302mm

Workmate: 317mm

GXL: 315mm

Workmate: 305mm

GXL: 290mm

Coefficient of drag 0.476 cd


Length 980mm 1660mm Workmate: 980mm

GXL: 1725mm

Width 1510mm 1515mm Workmate: 1495mm

GXL: 1500mm

Height 1120mm 1225mm Workmate: 1205mm

GXL: 1245mm



Max kerb weight Workmate I4: 2145kg

GX/GXL I4: 2130kg

Workmate V8: 2205kg

GX V8: 2190kg

GXL V8: 2195kg

Workmate I4: 2200kg

GXL I4: 2185kg

Workmate V8: 2260kg

GXL V8: 2240kg

Workmate I4: 2360kg

GXL I4: 2395kg

Workmate V8: 2410kg

GXL V8: 2450kg

Workmate I4: 2320kg

GXL I4: 2300kg

GXL V8: 2355kg

Gross vehicle mass Workmate/GX/GXL: 3510kg
Payload (max) Workmate I4: 1365kg

GX/GXL I4: 1380kg

Workmate V8: 1305kg

GX V8: 1320kg

GXL V8: 1315kg

Workmate I4: 1310kg

GXL I4: 1325kg

Workmate V8: 1250kg

GXL V8: 1270kg

Workmate I4: 1150kg

GXL I4: 1115kg

Workmate V8: 1100kg

GXL V8: 1060kg

Workmate I4: 1190kg

GXL I4: 1210kg

GXL V8: 1155kg

Towing capacity3 Braked: 3500kg

Unbraked: 750kg

Fuel tank capacity 130 litres 130 litres 90/90 litres 130 litres
Seating 2 seats 5 seats Workmate: 2 seats

GXL: 5 seats

5 seats




Model code 1GD-FTV
Type In-line four-cylinder
Valve mechanism 16-valve DOHC chain drive
Capacity 2755cc
Bore x stroke 92.0mm x 103.6mm
Compression ratio 15.6:1
Power 150kW @ 3000 – 3400rpm
Torque 500Nm @ 1600-2800rpm
Fuel system High pressure common rail injection
Min cetane number 48
Emissions Euro 5


Type AC60F six-speed automatic
1st 3.600
2nd 2.090
3rd 1.488
4th 1.000
5th 0.688
6th 0.581
Reverse 3.732
Final Drive Ratio 4.300


Combined fuel economy 9.6L/100km


Maximum Speed 150km/h


Model code 1VD-FTV
Type V8
Valve mechanism 32-valve DOHC chain drive
Capacity 4461cc
Bore x stroke 86.0mm x 96mm
Compression ratio 16.8:1
Power 151kW @ 3400rpm
Torque 430Nm @ 1200-3200rpm
Fuel system High pressure common rail injection
Min cetane number 50
Emissions Euro 5.


Type H152F five-speed manual
1st 4.529
2nd 2.294
3rd 1.490
4th 1.000
5th 0.750
Reverse 4.313
Final Drive Ratio 3.909


Combined fuel economy 10.7L/100km
Extra-urban economy 12.9L/100km
Urban economy 9.4L/100km
Combined CO2 emissions 281g/km


Maximum Speed 160km/h




Front Rigid live axle, leading arm, coil springs and stabiliser bar
Rear Rigid live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs


Type Recirculating ball and nut with hydraulic power steering
Turning circle diameter Single/Double Cab Pickup: 14.4m (tyre), 15m (body)

Troop Carrier: 13.4m (tyre), 14.2m (body)

Wagon: 12.6m (tyre), 13.2m (body)

Turns lock to lock 3.80


Front 322x32mm ventilated discs with fixed 4-pot caliper
Rear 312x18mm ventilated discs with floating single-pot caliper
Parking brake Manual
Brake systems Vehicle stability control, traction control, ABS with brake assist and electric brake force distribution


 Wagon  Troop Carrier  Single-cab  Double-cab
Tyres WM: 225/95 16C

GXL: 265/70 R16

WM: 225/95 16C

GXL: 225/95 16C

WM: 225/95 16C

GX/GXL: 265/70 R16 115R

WM: 225/95 16C

GXL: 265/70 R16 115R

Wheels WM: 6Jx16

GXL: 7.00JJx17

WM: 6Jx16

GXL: 6Jx16

WM: 6Jx16

GX/GXL: 7.00JJx17

WM: 6Jx16

GXL: 7.00JJx16

Rim type WM: Steel

GXL: Dark grey alloy

WM: Steel

GXL: Steel

WM: Steel

GX/GXL: Dark grey alloy

WM: Steel

GXL: Dark grey alloy

Spare Full size spare wheel

All the legal note stuff

1 Weights/mass/volumes/dimensions are approximate and subject to individual vehicle variances, and should be confirmed before fitting any accessories, towing, or otherwise relying on this value.

2 Dimensions are approximate and are subject to individual vehicle variances, accessory fitment and weight carried.

3 Towing capacity subject to regulatory requirements, towbar and vehicle design and towing equipment limitations.

4 Toyota Motor Corporation supplied figure achieved in test conditions for comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption varies depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, load and options/accessories fitted.

5 Carryover figure from previous ADR81/02 testing. Results achieved in test conditions for comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption varies depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, load and options/accessories fitted.

6 Carryover figure from previous ADR81/02 testing. Results achieved in ADR81/02 combined drive cycle CO2testing. Results produced in laboratory test conditions, using sample vehicles without fitment of accessories/customisation, & do not reflect real world driving. Figures should only be used for comparative purposes.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series what we know so far August 2023.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series – The Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser’s are an icon of the Australian automotive landscape. Their popularity sometimes goes beyond logic as they are old school and expensive. Also, for the last 12 months or so it’s been impossible to order one.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.Now Toyota have announced an upgraded version. Due here in the last quarter of 2023, the 70 series will now come with a choice of engines, refreshed styling, and more convenience features.

The big news is that alongside the familiar V8 diesel buyers can now choose an alternative 2.8L four-cylinder turbo diesel with a six speed auto transmission. This is the same combination found in the HiLux and Prado.

The 70 series vehicles will be offered in a choice of single cab Ute, Dual cab Ute, Troop Carrier, and Wagon.

In addition to the new engine choice there are a few convenience upgrades, including a larger 6.7 inch central touchscreen with wired smart phone connectivity.

Safety upgrades include lane keep assist and auto high beam headlights.

We will let you know pricing when it becomes available, but if history is a guide, they will be expensive.

This is a Motoring Minute

Im Rob Fraser

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.


2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

Other 70 Series articles

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

More LandCruiser 70 Series details

  • LandCruiser 70 series offered with four-cylinder turbodiesel/6-speed auto powertrain for the first time
  • Refreshed styling inside and out, improved safety and more convenience features
  • Upgraded LandCruiser 70 Series due to arrive in Q4, 2023

Toyota has taken the wraps off a significantly upgraded LandCruiser 70 Series. It will be offered with a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission for the first time when it arrives in Australia in Q4 2023.

In addition to the new powertrain, the upgraded 70 Series brings refreshed styling, a significant increase in safety technology and comfort and convenience features, and an upgraded multimedia system.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

LC 70 Series Models

The new powertrain will be available across the range that includes four body styles and three grades. It will join the V8 turbodiesel/five-speed manual variants offering customers more choice for this iconic 4WD model.

Toyota Australia President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley said the expanded range and substantial upgrades to the LandCruiser 70 Series demonstrated Toyota’s commitment to continuing to meet the needs of Australian customers.

“The LandCruiser 70 Series has built up a loyal and passionate fanbase with customers drawn to its rugged styling and legendary off-road performance and this substantially upgraded model builds upon those strengths,” Mr Hanley said.

“Now with a new powertrain including an automatic transmission for the first time, along with the significant increase in safety and convenience technology, the LC70 is an ideal vehicle for those working on the land or as a tool of trade and recreational users heading off on an outback adventure,” he said.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

LandCruiser 70 Series Engines

The new 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine in the LandCruiser generates a maximum power of 150kW at 3400rpm. Peak torque of 500Nm between 1600rpm and 2800rpm, is 70Nm greater than the existing V8 diesel engine.

This engine will be mated exclusively to a six-speed automatic transmission and will be offered in three Single Cab grades Workmate, GX and GXL. There are two grades, Workmate and GXL – for Double Cab, Troop Carrier and Wagon variants.

The proven 4.5-litre V8 turbodiesel generates a maximum power of 151kW at 3400rpm and peak torque of 430Nm from 1200rpm to 3200rpm.

This engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox and is offered in the same grades and body styles as the 2.8-litre powertrain. The exception is the Wagon that will only be available in GXL specification.

From a visual perspective, the significantly upgraded LandCruiser 70 Series maintains its rugged appearance. With a redesigned front end that references the design of the iconic LandCruiser 40 Series.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

LandCruiser 70 Series interior upgrades

Likewise, the interior of the vehicle has undergone a styling refresh to enhance its appeal and accommodate a number of substantial feature upgrades.

The instrument cluster and centre console have been redesigned for improved ergonomics, visual ease and practicality. This includes the addition of a 4.2-inch multi information display (MID).

The multimedia system has also been upgraded and now features a 6.7-inch touchscreen on all grades. This is now compatible with wired Apple CarPlay1 and Android Auto2.

Toyota has also substantially improved the safety technology in the new LandCruiser 70 Series. With the addition of lane departure alert, road sign assist (speed signs only) and automatic high beam as part of the Toyota Safety Sense3 suite of advanced driver assistance features.

Further details and Australian specifications will be released closer to the launch of the upgraded Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series.4

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.


1 CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.
2 Android AutoTM is a trademark of Google LLC.
3 Driver assist feature. Only operates under certain conditions. Check your Owner’s Manual for explanation of limitations. Please drive safely.
4 Vehicle specifications and features are based on [overseas] pre-production model and is subject to final confirmation by Toyota Australia and may differ from those shown.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Series 70. Global Reveal. Pre-production model shown.

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