Sydney Side Plumbing has Isuzu NLR Wrapped for Trade

Isuzu Trucks NLR 45-150 Sydney wide plumbing 1

Sydney Side Plumbing – One missed detail can have a large flow-on effect in the business of plumbing and leak detection. Precision and a focus on detail are factors that set serious operators apart from the rest of the pack.

Isuzu Trucks NLR 45-150 Sydney wide plumbing 1

Thankfully, Mohammad Mourad at Sydney Side Plumbing is a stickler for detail, which has served the family-owned and operated business well for almost 15 years as they service the hotly competitive Sydney-metro region.

Assisted by subcontractor Mohammad and his son Abdul, Mohammad at Sydney Side Plumbing has built a following of repeat clients from service stations to schools, fast-food outlets and those in need of a plumbing expert—whether it’s fixing a simple leak during business hours or wrangling a burst pipe emergency at 2am.

One look at this fastidiously outfitted operation, which features several highly specified Isuzu NLR 45-150 trucks, it’s evident that Mohammad hungers for the ultimate trade setup, including the most up-to-date tools and equipment that will allow the business to perform at peak efficiency.

“We enjoy working out of the trucks which are good for business… when we attend jobs, our customers know we’re serious about what we do.

“I’ve always wanted a family business that we could all enjoy.”

Look good, feel good

Adhering to the notion that if you look the part, you feel good. Mohammad has built a specific setup based on the Isuzu trucks  NLR 45-150 cab chassis platform with help from Custom Fit Fabrication in South Windsor.

It’s a highly practical unit specified with plumbing and leak detection in mind. It finds a home in and around Sydney’s tight operating environments. Equipped with everything a plumber could possibly need,. The NLR ticks all the boxes from an operational efficiency standpoint.

To boot, it’s also an aesthetically pleasing package. A striking paint job and signage courtesy of All Stuck Up in South Hurtsville. Makes a smooth transition from cab to the custom body, integrating PVC pipe holders up top and a series of ‘gull-wing’ toolboxes for improved access on either side of the truck.

On the left of the rear platform, a high-pressure water jet stands ready to combat blockages. Balancing out a 170-litre water tank in the centre of the body and a range of other pumping essentials Mohammad stores on the driver’s side.

Isuzu Trucks NLR 45-150 Sydney wide plumbing 2

Sydney Side Plumbing’s highly practical NLR 45-150 is a plumber’s dream truck

With a finished cab height of 2.4-metres and wheelbase just under 2.5-metres in length. The NLR cab chassis was chosen specifically to comfortably negotiate any loading dock, underground parking complex. And to fit underneath the numerous 2.4-metre bridges dotted throughout the harbour city.

“When you first start-off you appreciate anything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if you have an old Ute or a van. You’ve accomplished something at the start of your journey,” Mohammad explained.

“But I wanted to carry more equipment. I wanted to expand with Isuzu trucks as I didn’t have the time to keep going backwards and forwards for materials.

“You save money in the long run with a truck. Because you’re equipped and can carry everything you need. And you’re comfortable working out of it, which you can’t really put a price on.

“By the time you’ve put your logo all over it, it’s a moving billboard so it also generates interest and income.”

Isuzu Trucks NLR 45-150 Sydney wide plumbing 4

All about efficiency

Every inch of the truck has been engineered for accessibility and efficiency for the trade.

Peek into any one of the compartments and meticulously ordered tools are revealed—all labelled for easy access and return.

“When we go to do leak detection, some customers have plastic pipes in their house. Some have copper, there’s also other different types of pipes underground that we carry out services for,” said Mohammad.

“We have every brand of fitting in the truck, every crimper. Three CCTV cameras including a rigid locator to locate services underground including sewer and stormwater lines.

“We also carry the latest equipment for leak detection which includes a thermal imaging camera, tracer gas equipment, and different types of Sewerin listening equipment.”

The light-duty NLR 45-150’s GVM of 4,500 kg means anyone with a standard licence can jump in to drive.

Mohammad noted that Isuzu’s new Advanced Driver Assistance System includes critical traffic monitoring. It alerts the driver and a host of features including emergency braking. Makes driving through the city a less tiring and less hazardous prospect, giving him peace of mind behind the wheel.

Isuzu Trucks NLR 45-150 Sydney wide plumbing 3

Equipped for success

The NLR 45-150 is just one of four that Mohammad has designed and outfitted. One for himself and each of his regulars to drive, plus a spare to ensure the business doesn’t experience unwanted downtime.

One of the four Isuzu NLR 45-150 trucks that Mohammad has designed & outfitted for trade

The oldest truck purchased in 2010 has clocked over 260,000 km and is going strong. However, Mohammad is keen to continue upgrading his business with the newest generation of Isuzu NLR 45-150 once its available in Australia.

“I’ve had Isuzu trucks for many years, they’re in my blood now. I wouldn’t choose anything else.

“I’ve never had a mechanical issue with the trucks. Isuzu backs them up 100 per cent which is outstanding. That’s why I recommend them to a lot of plumbers.

“The team at Gilbert & Roach Isuzu in Narellan do all our servicing and they always do the right thing by us, they’re amazing!” Mohammad added.

“Purchasing these trucks has hands down been the best thing I ever did for the business.”