2018 Holden Colorado LTZ Review

2018 Holden Colorado LTZ Road Test, Review

2018 holden colorado LTZ

One of the big four utes in Australia, the Holden Colorado revitalised the ute market some 6 years ago with its launch.

It redefined levels of power, torque, ride comfort and towing capacity.

Some of the revamped features in the current model are subtle, such as the new grill, LED headlamps etc. some are more obvious like the new Apple and Android play systems.

Some revisions you can’t see like the numerous engineering improvements, but you can certainly feel them.

In addition to these improvements Holden has an almost complete range of Original Equipment accessories that has advantages over after market fittings.

The 2018 Holden Colorado is a substantial improvement over an already impressive product. The design and engineering development is like a jigsaw puzzle.

There are a myriad of little things that have been improved that all add up to the smoother quieter ride and improved handling.

2018 holden colorado off-roadExterior

Let’s start at the outside and ignore the obvious marketing over sell like “The redesigned Colorado adopts a global design language that communicates power, strength and prestige”.

One thing is for sure the redesign is a more stylish and robust design. It has a more truck like appearance that strangely is at odds with improved sophistication.

I especially liked the new grill and Halogen headlights and daytime running lights. A clever and practical touch that simply combines form and function.

Other features include heated external mirrors, side steps, LED tail lamps, front fog lights, and 18″ alloys.

The other thing that impresses are the additions to the already long list of existing original accessories that includes: Bull bars

  • Safari Bar
  • Bash Plates
  • Extended Rail Sports Bars
  • Steel Rear Step
  • Tubular steel Side Steps
  • LED driving lights
  • Fender Flares
  • Nudge Bar
  • Snorkel
  • All-terrain tyres

These look the goods and on the surface mean that buyers can option up their ute with Holden accessories and benefit from the full manufacturer warranty and not feel they have an inferior product.

Big tick there. I hope they extend to suspension upgrades in the future as well.

2018 holden colorado interiorInside

Inside the story just gets better. There is a definite feeling of higher level of passenger comfort. The soft touch dash, door trims, seats etc. all have improved materials and the interior feels more integrated.

The seats are relatively comfortable. Our test vehicle had fabric seats, but I would DEFINITELY opt for the leather heated seat package more for the benefits and ease of cleaning of the leather than anything else.

The driver’s seat is electronically adjustable for slide and squab tilt but no lumbar support.

They are also a little flat in the seat squab, meaning that on long trips they can lead to a numb bum syndrome.

The leather steering wheel is comfortable in the hands, with thick spokes housing the usual controls for audio and cruise control.

The indicator and wiper stalks are visible above the steering wheel spokes which is a good thing.

Unfortunately the steering wheel is height adjustable only which means that taller drivers with long legs will be reaching for the wheel.

The dash is clear and easy to read, providing pretty much all the information the driver needs with the MFD.

The electro chromatic rear view mirror provides excellent rear vision along with large external rear view mirrors.

They can be adjusted to the perfect angle, which is important as there is no blind spot indicator.

Some good features however include the automatic headlights and wipers.


The centre stack houses the new Holden MyLink infotainment system equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity… delivered through a colour touchscreen housed in the vehicle’s centre stack.

When coupled with digital radio, embedded satellite navigation and voice recognition. It is actually pretty good to use and simple and the touch screen is quite responsive.

Above the centre screen is a little ridge under the dash, which has a sharp edge on it that can be intrusive.

Take note Mitsubishi, Holden provides sat-nav additionally to the smart phone system, so drivers that venture far from reception can still determine where they are!

Below the sat-nav system is the usual array of buttons for AC and stereo etc. The safety feature buttons are further down as well as the controls for the heated front seats.

Storage is a little limited with a small centre console, smallish glove box and room for small bottles only in the door pockets.

One thing I don’t like is that Holden has removed the slide out cup/bottle holders below the side A/C vents.

They, along with Isuzu, created that design and it was simple but brilliant, yet they have done away with them.

Other features include rain sensing wipers, remote vehicle start as a party trick, electronic climate air conditioning,

The rear bench is likewise comfortable but also a little flat in the squab and isn’t as comfortable over long distances as some other Utes.

Rear seat room is limited but there is plenty of head room.

There isn’t really much more to say about the rear section.

2018 holden colorado dual-cab uteDrive and Engine

The Colorado is powered by a 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine. This drives through either a six-speed auto or manual transmission.

Maximum power is 147kW and maximum torque 440Nm for the manual and 500Nm for the automatic.

One big criticism in the past of the Colorado was that while it had the headline 500Nm of torque it didn’t translate well to everyday driving.

In late 2014 I think Holden changed the transmission calibration to extract more of the available power. It helped but still wasn’t enough?

This time the engineers have, through the compiling of the jigsaw pieces, finally allowed Colorado to extract what seems like the full torque. It drives like it should now and tows much better.

The Colorado has shift on the fly 4WD system and with the rear LSD unfortunately misses out on a rear diff lock.

Taking the Colorado on 4WD tracks is a breeze. It has plenty of control on your right foot, easily adapts to specific conditions and plenty of grunt when needed.

It will tow 3500Kg with a 350Kg tow ball rating and with the trailer sway control, tows easily and safely.

In comparison to competitors it now rivals the Volkswagen Amarok on road for ride and handling and probably surpasses it for quietness.

Off road it rides as good as any of its competitors.


As you would expect the new Colorado has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating with safety features including reverse camera, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Park Assist and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

However inexplicably it doesn’t have blind spot monitors?

Good Bits

  • Stylish looks
  • Powerful engine
  • Towing and 4WD capability

Not So Good Bits

  • No lumbar support for driver
  • No rear diff lock
  • No steering wheel reach adjustment

holden colorado ltz rearSummary

I have always been a fan of the Colorado, it is a robust and solid 4WD Ute with excellent safety credentials.

Despite some glaring deficiencies like no lumbar support, no blind spot monitors, no rear diff lock and no air conditioned seats it currently is the best overall offering on the market.

However this is an extremely fast moving and competitive market segment, with competitors already surpassing the Colorado with some features that the buying public are looking for.

Facts and Figures: 2018 Holden Colorado LTZ Dual Cab Ute

  • Engine: 2.8 litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder 147kW/500Nm (auto)
  • Transmission: Six-speed auto (constant 4WD with H and L range)
  • Safety: Five stars
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Warranty: 3yrs/100,000km
  • Price: LTZ dual-cab from $50,490


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